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I am Javier Ballesteros, born in Seville (Spain) in the year 1980. Since he was little, I remember my mother at the University of Seville research or teaching classes, and to my father involved in projects of cooperation with Africa. 

Thanks to them, I learned the importance of career that you are passionate about, and has used the human values they instilled in me. Years later, I learned from my brotheramong other things, its ability of organization, its vision of the future and his enthusiastic attitude. 

The rural development, the environment and the culture they are my main passions and represent activities to which I have dedicated a large part of my formative life and career.

I have the Master Strategies for Rural Development and Territorial in addition to the titles of Agricultural Technical Engineer and senior Technician  Management of Natural Resources and Landscape. 

Since last year 2018 I decided to move my residence to Ecuador with the conviction that, by their singularities environmental, cultural, and social, it represents the ideal place to continue my development of both personal and professional.




European project SIGPAC

Projects of european development linked to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on the use, agricultural varieties and delimitation of cadastral parcels.

Javier Ballesteros

doñana Tour

Guide Interpreter of nature in the National Park of Doñana in Spain for school groups, university students and visitors to the company's Environmental Education Doñana Tour SL

Diseño sin título (1)

Renewable Energy

Inspection "in situ" of Renewable Energy Facilities under the Special Regime by the Ministry of Industry of Spain



Javier Ballesteros Cultura (1)

Co-operation in Burkina Faso

Through the Partnership Culture and Cooperation with Africa, "The Glumu"is made the First socio-Cultural Center in Fada N. Gour,a valuation of their traditional culture

Javier Ballesteros Cultura

Cooperation in Zimbabwe

In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy, organization of Cultural Week with interventions in cultural education centres in Harare

Javier Ballesteros Cultura (3)

Production coordination

Coordination tasks of production in the International Festival of the Arts Alive OFF of Ecuador


WEB | SEO | Strategies

Entrepreneurship we 2021, along with other professionals in the Online Marketing of Spain and Ecuador. It is directed primarily to the digital development of Enterprises and Companies of the Rural World and south American Countries


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